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Monday, September 17, 2007

iPhone: 3G Capability? No, thanks!

A lot of talking has been made about the 3G capability that the iPhone doesn't have. Well my opinion is... NO, thanks! I don't even want to hear about 3G. Why is that, you'll ask? Ok, lets talk about it. Why every ANALYST is talking about it? Why every ANALYST is judging iPhone over not having 3G? Because analyst are assholes and don't look the real need of consumers. They look over what Vodafone and others want to! Like what, we have 3G over 2 or 3 years here in Europe? So, who the hell use it?? Not me or common people! 3G is HELL expensive and only Vodafone and other cell companies are promoting it with those meanless 3G cappable cell phones. You go into a store and ask for a cell phone, the first thing they point out is, if the cell is 3G! And if you ask what 3G is for, they tell you that you can download ringtones, pictures (of 72dpi, 120x60 or so, what a quality!) and see the news. Hallo?? people DOESN'T NEED THIS!!! Only Vodafone and other 3G compatible cell companies promote this crup and make all this noise about it so they can EARN YOUR MONEY!! Common people with a normal sallary has internet on it's home and wi-fi equiped iPhone is super-duper for hot spots! Rich people get you laptops and go buy a PCMCIA 3G card for it!! Anyhow, rich people that can afford 3G rates want's a laptop quality and not cellular internet quality! Apple obviously made the best and most beautiful earningless cell for the telecommunications companies but the best cellular for our pockets. Deal with it. 3G sucks and same MMS does. E-MAIL... duhhhh

Rates from summer 2007 that passed: 8mb= about 1.1€ euro ($1.5)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My visualvibe myspace account goes up... u can reach me at:

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Recently a friend of mine had a problem with his Belkin "Wireless Pre-N Router Part # F5D8230-4". The problem was that the 64-Bit WEP encryption of the router does not allow the iChat to Video/Audio chat with the rest of the world. Note that if you search for F5D8230-4+iChat on google, you will get no results giving you a workaround. Anyway, here's a quick workaround that I've found: You should log on to the routers menu and choose Firewall from the menu. There you'll see an option called DMZ, you should click on it. In the new window add your Mac('s) IP('s), check Enable and click Apply Changes. With this way your iChat will prevent Firewall and security settings of the Belkin router, allowing the flawless communication of the defecting applications with the rest of the world. Honestly if it wasn't a Macintosh, it could be a problem to leave you computer unprotected, but thank god, as I said before it's a Mac! Enjoy your cool Belkin router! (I still like them!)

Exact description of the DMZ as mentioned at Belkin's F5D8230-4 router help:
DMZ - ?The DMZ feature allows you to specify one computer on your network to be placed outside of the NAT firewall. This may be necessary if the NAT feature is causing problems with an application such as a game or video conferencing application. Use this feature on a temporary basis. The computer in the DMZ is not protected from hacker attacks. To put a computer in the DMZ, enter the last digits of its IP address in the IP field and select "Enable". Click "Apply Changes" for the change to take effect. If you are using multiple static WAN IP addresses, it is possible to select which WAN IP address the DMZ host will be directed to. Type in the WAN IP address you wish the DMZ host to direct to, enter the last two digits of the IP address of the DMZ host computer, select "Enable" and Click "Apply Changes". 

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A must visit/support site for the Greek MAcintosh community. Please spread the word. Apple, please help change this!
Treat your Greek customers equally to the rest of the Europeans. We want Apple Greece!
No further comments, can't be more simple.

Here's a neat feature of Mac OS X. Virtual memory protection for applications. You probably know that when your start up hard disk gets full (under 125MB and less) you get a message that your star up disk is full... but what happens when when you have a dozen of launched applications which require all the installed memory and they can't get virtual RAM from the start up hard disk because it's full? So, here is what happens in situations like that. Well, I can't recall any feature like that in windoze... beside ALT+CTR+DEL... or a fast crash ;) The Macintosh won't crash at all even if you have this message for two days, like I had.

Monday, April 10, 2006

"I see no advantage whatsoever to the graphical user interface." (Bill Gates, 1983)

Did you know that? How pathetic.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"Spread the Word"

I've noticed something really important for the Greek Macintosh community tonight. This something is clearly seen in the picture above. "Papasotiriou" is one the biggest Greek bookstores and this move clearly shows us that something is been going lately. The banner says "Now software for the Mac". This is amazing, because a few years ago the best thing you could find about the Mac would be MacFormat, MacAddict, MacWorld magazine with bandled shareware software. Market is slightly changing. This could be the best follow up after having many "traditional" Greek pee.cee. stores (i.e. Plaisio, eShop, Shop21 etc.) emerging the Macintosh with the "live-a-safe-digital-life" Mac mini to the Greek market. However the variety of the software is poor yet, I believe that it will get bigger and bigger and other software/hardware stores will understand that things are changing.

* It seems that the main provider at the moment for the available software at "Papasotiriou" store is Rainbow S.A. (I really hope I'm wrong, you'll understand if you read further) because it is the main distributor of the listed software. If I'm correct, they should probably realize that they need also to provide Games, Utilities software which is available only at their on-line store. Because not all people has the ability or wants to spent their time in their on-line store they should understand that sometimes we just want to go shopping in the streets and just buy it "right here-right now" (which is NOT an available option at ANY street store of Rainbow S.A.). The profit comes by reselling the product and not by trying to sell only by your self you're the main distributor - nobody knows Rainbow S.A. but everybody knows Papasotiriou. Is THAT difficult to understand?
Also, no localized (aka. Greek patched) version is available at least of the Mac OS - are they trying to be the only holders of THEIR patent? That's how it is characterized officially by them. A patent. Apple should consider this "misbehavior". Get a life.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Great news!
iPod with video integration to arrive anytime soon. Chances to be seen on the Mac Expo 2005 in Paris later this September (20-24) are small but not impossible.

Apple keeps innovating!

Mighty Mouse is not just a mouse. It still single click button but works with multiple "digital" buttons like no other mouse all over the world. This is what innovation means.